Updates on Jeff

My favorite picture of Jeff and daddyThis past Wednesday was Jeff’s doctor appointment and he gained 300 grams in 6 days, which breaks down to about 50 grams a day. The doctor that we saw said that was great! So after the next appointment which is on April 8th, we should not have to go back to the doctor until he is 2 months old for his shots and a check up. This is very good news for us because there for a while we were having to go back to the doctor every other day! Which of course is and was hard on both of us. Jeff is doing so well, I think in a couple of weeks he will be able to roll himself over on to his tummy!

He is very strong and even the doctor was surprised by how he is trying to hold up his head already! He has a lot of hair for a newborn and it is red! Of course this does not surprise me as it runs in Michael’s family and my birth mother had red hair as well. Everyone who sees him just melts and says he is cute or adorable. Of course this might lead to Jeff being a lady’s man later!

I am doing fairly well, trying to recuperate from a difficult birth and now that we won’t have to be going to the doctor’s office so often I can rest a bit more and get back to normal. Michael is doing well too, although he is exhausted! He is a great dad and helps me a whole lot by getting up at night and making Jeff bottles and so forth! He has started school to be a nurse before Jeff was born and is still in classes. He most of the time goes to class on only a few hours of sleep but does not complain about it.

Sunday will be 2 weeks since Jeff was born and it seems like it has been longer some days ( fussy days) and others I can hardly believe it has been that long at all! We do have some fussy days, last Tuesday was one. Jeff was so fussy all day long! He is truly a gift from God and we are so happy!

Well, it is getting time for him to be fed, so I have to run!


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