Drill Weekend

This is Michael’s first Drill weekend with the National Guard since we had Jeff. So, last night I was on baby duty solo. Which is fine because I knew he needed his sleep because they were having a PT test this morning at like 8am or so. Ugh. The only problem with that is that Michael was supposed to see his doctor yesterday but apparently had the wrong time, so they rescheduled for May. So, no profile for him. I am hoping his knee held up okay and he won’t end up at the hospital, although it might be for the best at this point. At least at the hospital he will get the MRI he so desperately needs on his knees. We have been dealing with this knee issue for over 2 years now together and he has been dealing with it even longer on his own. It totally frustrates me that the Army will not get him the treatment that he needs!

Jeff is doing well today and yesterday I got a couple of packages from a couple of friends on Facebook.  They were filled with things like diapers, wipes, baby bath, and my friend Nicole sent a few things off my Amazon baby registry and some things I forgot. Aunt Carol sent a letter and a wonderful gift for Jeff as well! He was fussy last night so I got the boxes opened, but the regular mail had to wait until he was asleep.

We are extremely grateful for all who have helped us out and those who continue to do so! As most of you know we were so not prepared! Michael’s family has been wonderful! His parents are amazing. Victoria and John sent a lot of clothes which came in REALLY handy, so thank you!!

I am currently looking for a stroller and a play yard for Jeff. I have been looking on Craigslist and I am going to have a look on Ebay later to see if there is anything there. I have both on my Walmart baby registry and I think on my Amazon baby registry too. The stroller is the biggest need at the moment because when he is fussy I can put him in that and go for a walk. Right now, Michael puts him in his car seat and carries him around.

Jeff’s next doctor appointment is April 8th, which is this coming Tuesday. I am hoping that after this one, we will not have to be at the doctor until his 2 month check up. My doctor appointment is not until May 5th, which is my post partum check. As usual we are both still tired, although I think I am adjusting better to it. Mostly because I have been here before. He is an amazing dad and he helps me out so much. I really appreciate all that he does for us.

Well, it is just about time for Jeff to eat again so I have to run.



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