Two Weeks Old!

IMG_0218Today was a pretty good day until this evening. Jeff had been in a really good mood all day and then about 6ish he woke up and I fed and changed him and he has been REALLY fussy ever since. Michael took him out for a walk to give me some quiet time. I have been having horrible migraines basically since he was born. Every day. Ugh.

I have so many phone calls to make tomorrow! I got the insurance cards for Jeff and I today, well technically yesterday. I looked at them today and noticed that they had Jeff’s birth year as 2013. So, now I have to call them too! I found a ride to the WIC appointment, thank God! So, I am going to try and set it up to finish the paper work for Jeff’s birth certificate on that same day. It makes sense because they are in the same place.

I can’t believe it has been 2 weeks already! We both are doing okay, still tired and all, but it is totally worth it. Jeff is truly a miracle in our lives. We got a card from Pat, Abbie and the kids yesterday in the mail as well. We loved it, thank you so much! Still looking for a stroller, I found one at Walmart that is a bit over $50. Well, Jeff is back and apparently hungry!

Gotta run!



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