A Full Day

So yesterday was a very full day for us here. Yesterday morning we went to the doctor for Jeff. They weighed him, measured his height, and head. He is average in all areas for his age. I will take that considering the slight issues we had with his weight in the beginning. He also was so well behaved, with the exception of peeing on the exam table while the doctor was looking at his belly! He even let him look at his eyes, when he would never let them look at them before! I was so impressed. He does not cry when they examine him, he just lays there and looks around usually.

I had to go to the WIC appointment yesterday afternoon and to finish the birth certificate paperwork. WIC went smoothly and easily. Because Michael and I are not married we have to fill out and sign an affidavit of paternity . I filled out as much as I could for him yesterday and did my area. Michael is going on Friday to finish filling out the paper and sign it. So much work here!

Thankfully the rest of this week is clear for us so I can rest and so can Jeff! My arms and shoulders hurt because I was carrying a 8 pound baby in a car seat around all day! He is heavy! He is now 24 inches long and his head circumference is 36 inches! He is definitely a growing boy!! He is doing well, although kind of fussy here lately. He is almost rolling himself over on to his tummy! I think in another week or so he will rolling himself over!

I got the insurance cards for him and I have to call his primary care doctor, which is not the same as where we have been going. I need to do that today sometime or possibly tomorrow depending on how Jeff is feeling today. As of right now as I am writing this he is sleeping!

I need to go and do something’s while he is still sleeping.



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