Jeff’s First Bath

IMG_0221Okay, now that I have Jeff down for his nap, I forgot to mention that Grandma sent us a bath tub for Jeff, along with a nice diaper bag set, the cutest elephant, and some more wipes. So, Wednesday night I gave Jeff his first bath (tub bath that is). He was not too happy with it though. I think because I might have had the water on the cool side because I was worried about getting it too hot. Not to mention that the faucet in the bath tub is not easy to get warm water out of, it is either cold or hot!

I forgot to take a picture of Jeff actually in the tub, but got one of him after the bath and we were getting him dressed. This past week was crazy for us and I am looking forward to a quieter week this coming week for sure!!

Jeff is such a blessing to us here, we just can’t get over how much he does things like Michael! He sleeps like Michael with his arms all over the place, LOL. He is a wonderful addition to our house, yes, things may be difficult now, but it is totally worth it!! All the people who come in contact with him just love him and his red hair!

Jeff and Mom

The above is a picture that I took this morning with Jeff and I. He does not seem to like having his picture taken, yet, but he will!



One thought on “Jeff’s First Bath

  1. Thank you for the update. Your writings are wonderful. I adore the pictures. I know you are too tired to do this for all of us. But, we love it. Victoria saw the pictures you posted and commented, “Wow! Jeffrey looks exactly like little John and David.” And he does! In fact he looks exactly like his Uncle Patrick and Uncle John when they were is age. We think he is a cutie! Sorry that he is a Mr. Fussybutt, but he gets that from his Dad. Yes, I remember it well.

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