Mr. Fussybutt!

I am sorry that I have not updated this in a few days, but Jeff has been Mr. Fussybutt the last couple of days! Today, meaning Friday, I had a horrible migraine! Complete with dizziness and nausea. I get these once in a while and today was a doozy! Michael went and finished off the birth certificate paperwork, so at least that is finished! Monday I have to call Medicaid to get Jeff’s birthdate fixed because they have his birth year as 2013 and not 2014. I have not been able to make phone calls that I need to make with a screaming baby! Although today, I was more interested in getting rid of the migraine.

The weather here has been typical spring weather with rain and thunderstorms, which sometimes makes me miserable with headaches. I will survive this, I always do, but I am miserable while trying to get through it. Jeff as of now at 12:42 AM is finally asleep. He would fall asleep for like five minutes and when I laid him down he would wake up and cry so I would pick him up and hold him again. My back, shoulders and arms hurt but it is worth it! I am hoping that tomorrow I can get a shower in. We have returned all the required paperwork for food stamps so hopefully we will hear from them soon.

I also have to call our (Jeff’s and mine) primary care doctor and see when I can get appointments for us both to get in there. Hopefully soon! I can get a full physical when I do go, so that will be a good thing. I also have to find out what pharmacies I can use around us for prescriptions as well, mainly because when I go to the doctor I am hoping to get some meds for my migraines and my asthma meds as well. It will make me feel more secure for sure! My asthma has been under control for a couple of years, but honestly something could happen at any point and it would be a good thing to have my rescue inhalers available!

Well, I am going to go.. I am tired.



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