Three Weeks Old!

IMG_0225Today Jeff is three weeks old! Seems like time has been flying by! Although it seemed like the first week was slow to go by. I think that was because I was at the doctor’s office every other day! Now, we are going every couple of weeks. I will be happy when it is every few months honestly. I have to call his new primary care doctor, he and I have the same one, which will be handy!

He is getting so big!! Heavy too. My back is giving out because he is about eight pounds and he loves being held, but after a while my back is crying out in pain! I still hold him anyway as much as I can. My other two kids never wanted to be held this much! He is a lovey kid! He is sleeping at the moment. I wanted to give him a bath today, but we took a nap instead. So, bath time is tomorrow!

I am going to run for now!



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