Second Bath and Third Bath

I gave Jeff his second bath yesterday, it went so much better than the first one mainly because I got the water warm enough and he stopped crying and enjoyed it. He slept afterwards for a while. Which he needed!

Today he has been fussy and more fussy! He was up from like 10 am to almost 3pm! I promised myself that I would not be one of those mom’s who discussed my child’s bathroom habits here, but today it was so much and gross that the only way to get him clean was to give him a bath! He is now out for the count, which is good because he only had cat naps today.

My back and hips are killing me today because I was rocking him most of the day and holding him! Michael really helped out a lot today as well taking his turn at feeding and changing as well so I could have a breather. Which is really nice because when he is in school it is hard on me!

I am tired today as usual. Hopefully Jeff will take a long nap and let us eat dinner. I actually got to eat lunch earlier because it was during a cat nap. I had a salad and fish sticks. It was so good. Well, I need to run help Michael with his paper.



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