Time Flies!

IMG_0228I am not sure where the time went! Jeff is four weeks old today! It is also Easter Sunday, so happy Easter to you all! Life is good even when Jeff is rather fussy, but usually a bath around 7pm calms him down and gets him ready for bed. Although last night he did not fall asleep until really late! I love the little bugger, but sometimes I get so frustrated when he refuses to sleep!

He is growing by leaps and bounds! Medicaid did change his birthdate to the right one, after I called the first time. Color me surprised! So, now I have another ID card from the managed care insurance we are in on it’s way. He has a appointment with his new managed care doctor on Wednesday. It will be nice to see one doctor instead of a different every time. I also have the same primary care doctor as he does family medicine, which is handy. My appointment is on May 2nd.

I am looking forward to meeting the new doctor and I should have the paperwork for Jeff’s birth certificate some time this week hopefully. Gotta run!



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