I had the days wrong for the doctor appointment. It is tomorrow and not today. Seems like my days are all running together! Grandma called today and got to talk to Jeff. He was being rather fussy today so he cried. He is now finally sleeping peacefully. Tomorrow is the first appointment with the new doctor. I am beyond excited because now we will see the same doctor when we go, verses seeing a different doctor every time at the clinic. Don’t get me wrong, the clinic served it’s purpose and I am grateful, but it drove me crazy to have to answer the same questions over and over again because they did not read the file! Ugh. Especially when we were there every other day!

I am hoping that things go well tomorrow and then the next time we have to see the doctor is at his 2 month check up for shots and stuff! Today Jeff is 30 days old! I can hardly believe it! Time flies when you have fun I guess! Michael is doing well. He is a blessing on the weekends with giving Jeff his bath, because it is saving my back some wear and tear! I totally appreciate all the things he does to help out.

Life is hard here, but worth it. We are waiting on the Food Stamps people because apparently we got a new person and she messed up a bit. They needed to see Michael’s net and gross earnings for Drill and the lady I spoke to told me that they just needed to see the money coming in. Sigh. So, waiting again. The WIC appointment went well and we have used some of the stuff. It is a card like the food stamps so it is easier for sure. Jeff has been having issues with constipation lately and I have a list of things to talk to the doctor about tomorrow. To me, he feels about as heavy as a sack of potatoes, so about 10 pounds or so.

I will update you all tomorrow after the appointment as well. If you know anyone in the family who would like to read this, feel free to pass it along. I created this so that everyone had a central place for updates and pictures. I know that some of you are not friends with me on Facebook, which is why I thought this was a better way to keep everyone updated on his progress and ours too! My favorite cooking show is about on, so I need to run.



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