Doctor Appointment

Today was Jeff’s doctor appointment and he did fantastic! He did not pee on the scale or the exam table. He was also very cooperative. He now weighs 9 pounds and 11 ounces!!! He also has grown another inch! A big boy for sure! I do have to say that I like this new doctor’s office so much! Everyone was very nice and helpful. Jeff saw the nurse practitioner today and we have to go back in a month for his 2 month check up which includes shots.

I am looking forward to going there for my check up as well. I talked to them about a great many things and they took the time to listen to me and make helpful suggestions. Which is really nice. The constipation could be the product of the water we are using. The nurse gave him a glycerin suppository to help and told me what kind of water to use or to boil the water and use that. So great advice. If we are still having trouble then we will discuss switching formulas. We are not adding anything to his formula yet, he is consistently eating 4 ounces of formula which is where he should be. However, we will revisit the adding of cereal to the formula next month because it might be time for that! She (Emily, the nurse) told me that I could pick up a thing of glycerin suppositories and it would last me a year because we would have to use a small piece of it and not the whole thing. So, if they cost about $5 for a year. Not too bad.

Jeff slept for a bit when we got home and woke about 5pm, so we fed and changed him. Now he is awake and playing with Dad. He might go back to sleep here soon. In a couple of hours it is bath time! We had a good day. Well, going to run.



One thought on “Doctor Appointment

  1. He sounds like a healthy Gardner boy who likes his groceries. I’m glad you have confidence in your medical staff. That makes it all easier.

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