A Rough Day

Yesterday was a really rough day for us here. Jeff was constipated again and his poor belly was hurting all day long. He did not get hardly any sleep during the day, so when he finally passed out just before 10 pm last night I was so grateful. He slept until about 4 am or so.  I am hoping that today is better, but honestly he is starting out so very fussy I am not sure about that.

We did get two packages today though, the socks from diapers. com are so cute and would you know they would ship just those in a box that is like ten times bigger than they are! Ugh. It really drives me crazy when a company does that. We also got the box from Walmart. Michael is trying to put the swing together now! I know that will be a huge help when he is fussy! I also love the bibs and burp cloths! Thanks Grandma!! All of these things will come in so handy.

As I am writing this he is laying in my lap fussing away.. I am actually using an age old typing method called hunt and peck with one hand. I am trying to get him to go back to sleep for a while and he is just having nothing of it! I know he is tired because his little eyes are red. I gotta run to see if I can get him to sleep.



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