Five Weeks

Yesterday Jeff  was five weeks old! I am sorry that I don’t have a picture for this entry, but we have been busy here the last few days. I will try to get one in the next couple of days and get it posted for everyone. Jeff is starting to do better, yesterday was better than the days before it and today was even better yesterday, so we are moving in the right direction. He is currently sleeping and I have made some observations while watching him sleep. He is so Michael’s son.

He moves his arms around in his sleep like Michael does. It is so cute. Tonight he made a funny noise with his nose when I was laying him down after he fell asleep on my chest. I looked at Michael and said, Oh my God, he is so your son. Michael just laughed really hard and said Yep!

Life is still difficult for us, but worth it for Jeff. We are still waiting to hear from the Food Stamp people and hoping that it is really soon. When Jeff goes back to the doctor at the end of May, we have to get an ultrasound set up for his hips. Because he was breach birth, they just want to be sure that as he grows everything is okay with his hips. It is not a big deal. The weather has been causing me to have some horrible migraines. I need to talk to my doctor about these and see if I can get some medication that will not make me sleepy while I am trying to take care of Jeff.

I am tired, so I am going to run..



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