Six Weeks

IMG_0229Jeff is six weeks old today and is doing pretty well. We are still battling the constipation and we are winning now! Yesterday Michael got some suppositories and we gave Jeff one and this morning he is doing better and feeling so much better! I have also started to give him some apple juice and water in a bottle, he seems to really like that! His next appointment is on May 26th and I will be talking to Emily about his formula and the possibility of putting him on soy because Michael’s family has issues being lactose intolerant.

My appointment went well, I did get my asthma medications I needed and I am trying a new migraine medication called Relpax, it is a preventative medication, so hopefully it works well and my insurance will cover it. I have a couple of samples right now. If for any reason it does not work and or my insurance will not cover it, we have a plan B. That is Maxalt, I have used it before and I know it works well. I have to make another appointment to get blood work done because I am having issues and my doctor wants to rule out diabetes and thyroid issues. I also am making an appointment to get a total physical done. I do have good blood pressure apparently.

Jeff has been a happy boy most of today and slept well finally. He is in with Dad getting a bath at the moment. I can hear he is unhappy. LOL. Michael has a doctor appointment of his own on this coming Friday. Hopefully all goes well there and he is able to get an MRI on his knees done or at least scheduled. That is most important.

Well, I think that is about it and Jeff is playing my song (screaming at the top of his lungs!)



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