Life Now

As a new mom, although not so new really. My other kids are 20 and 17, so Jeff is almost like having a first baby all over again. Everything has changed so much. For a long time, I was able to eat when I wanted to and do things on my schedule. That has all changed now. I am not complaining by any means, it is just… different now. Take this morning for , Jeff was up at almost 8am and finally fell asleep right before 11am. So, when he was asleep I decided I should eat something because honestly I have no idea when I will be able to eat again today. I know that I will have dinner later, but not sure about lunch.

Jeff usually falls asleep between 8-10 pm. He gets his bath at 7ish most nights. Of course if we have had a very rough day and he is sleeping at 7pm I am not waking him up to bathe him. I will let him sleep. Then I get a chance to make dinner earlier. As I am writing this, both of my boys are sleeping and I am thinking about laying back down to nap some too.

It is different now not having my time as my own and all of a sudden I am so busy! For example, I had my WoW account deactivated about 3 days after I got home from the hospital, I just had no time to play at all. It used to be I would sit down and play and get into the game and six hours later… Now, I don’t really have the time, so why keep the account active? Hopefully, when Jeff gets older, I will have some more time to play and resume my account.

Another thing that is different is that sleeping is different too. We are both sleeping a great deal less these days. I am adapting as best as I can. Speaking of no sleep, my pain levels are worse than they were before. My hips hurt so bad that on a good day I am lucky to get to the bathroom. Sleeping is difficult sometimes because of this.

I am going to run, I need a nap!



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