Eight Weeks Old!

IMG_0234This weekend was Michael’s Drill weekend, so I was on my own all day Saturday and Sunday. It is okay because I used it as Mommy and Jeff time. He was happy most of the time on Saturday, which was good. We had a few fussy times because he did his ‘cat nap’ thing. He would fall asleep and stay asleep for like 10-15 minutes then wake himself up. No substantial nap at all. But he did fall asleep by 8pm last night because of it.

Today (Sunday) I got him back to sleep this morning about 9ish or so and he slept until a few minutes before noon! Which was great because I got to sleep until then too. I boiled his water when we woke up and now waiting for it to cool so I can make some bottles. I made some last night before I went to bed so I would have them today.

Jeff is doing fantastic and I have a couple of pictures for you today. He loves sticking his tongue out and kicking his legs and waving his arms about. He is getting really great at holding his head up and even likes to sit up in my lap for a while now so he can see the world. When he gets fussy we let him look in the mirror at himself and it just stops him in his tracks. We have even taken him out to see the ducks because you can hear them in the bedroom because the lake is just right outside our sliding glass door. When the weather decides what it wants to do, we will sit on our back patio with him either in his swing or in his car seat so he can enjoy outside.

IMG_0236This morning, Michael was having trouble with his sinuses and Jeff did not like the sound of him sneezing or blowing his nose. He would grab on to me like did now want to let go! He is getting so big! When he goes to the doctor on the 26th I will update you all with the weight and all the other good stats.

I gotta run, have to figure out dinner and keep my handsome boy happy! ‘’



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