9 Weeks & Memorial Day

IMG_0237Yesterday Jeff turned 9 weeks old. I am not sure exactly where the time went! We took him out in his stroller that Grandma got him and he loved it as long as we were moving. When we had to come in he cried. It was bath time when we got home so that was not too bad. He took his bath and was fed. He was out like a light! We will take him out again tonight for a walk before his bath. I am trying to take him for a walk every other day because right now I am in so much pain.

The doctor had set the appointment for today, which is a holiday. So we had to reschedule for Wednesday. When I made the appointment I did not realize either that it was Memorial Day. Sigh.

Jeff is doing really well and is happy most of the time. On the days that Michael is working at the armory we have good days. He is taking naps again and being a happy baby! Happy Memorial Day to all of you!


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