Two Month Check Up

Yesterday Jeff went for his two month check up at the doctor. He weighed a little over 10 pounds!!! He was 23 inches long! Holy cow!! Michael and I ended up going to the appointment together. Although, according to them, the appointment was on the 27th not the 28th they still saw us. I wrote it down and I am positive it was on the 28th. I think the girl who rescheduled the appointment was all messed up because of the holiday mix up, but no matter.

Jeff did really well considering that this was a shot appointment. Emily got him to roll over from his tummy to his back 5 times in a row!! Which means that we have to keep a closer eye on him now. He got an oral vaccine and 2 shot type vaccines. Supposedly the kids like the oral vaccine because it tastes like grape, but not Jeff he spit it out and was keeping it in his cheek so he could spit it out.

We did get him to swallow it or what was left of it. She also said that as long as it was on his gums for 15-20 seconds it would be absorbed that way too. He of course cried when he got his shots, but before that was a happy baby smiling and laughing. He had kind of a rough night last night but gave him some infant Tylenol and some more this morning when he woke up to eat.

Michael ended up going to the store that was closest to us last night and took Jeff in his stroller which he loved! When they got home he was upset because the ride was over! He was fussy last night but that was to be expected. Emily is not adding cereal to his formula just yet, mainly because of the constipation. She is worried if she adds solid foods this early it would also contribute to food allergies down the line. He is currently eating 4-6 ounces each feeding which is where he should be and judging by the weight gain, he is doing just fine!

We are also not switching to soy formula yet, mainly because we have the constipation under control with the measures we are currently taking. The apple juice is working well. Jeff seems to LOVE it! He is right on target with what he is supposed to be doing physically and behaviorally with his age, which is great news! He was up later than usual last night because of being uncomfortable from the shots. He goes back at 4 months old for another well baby check and you guessed it, more shots! Between now and then, he will have an ultrasound done on his hips because of the breach birth. That will be handled at UK hospital, they are setting an appointment up for him and will call me. His next appointment is July 26th, I think. I have the card in the diaper bag, I will have to look.

He is now falling asleep between 8-10pm and sleeping until 5-7am. Lately he has become Michael’s alarm clock because he is working at the Armory currently. LOL. I am sorry that I don’t have a photo, but he was out of sorts and I was focused on making him comfortable.

Well, I need to go, I need to make more bottles!



One thought on “Two Month Check Up

  1. Thank you, I can visualize your visit to the Dr. I can see Jeff getting upset when Michael took him out of the stroller. Michael liked to be by the window when was inside and he wanted outside as much as I would allow. It must be in the jeans, genes. Love, Grandma

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