Ultrasound and Updates

So today was Jeff’s ultrasound on his hips. In case you did not know, he was born breach and this is why they are ultra sounding his hips again. They did one after he was born and now to make sure everything is still growing the right way with his hips and leg bones. It was difficult on him because he was supposed to lay still and our little drool monster is a wiggler! So, it probably took longer than it should to get both sides done.

Michael had a job interview this morning and it went so well that they are checking the back ground and driving record. If and when that comes back clean, he will be given a DOT physical. We need this so badly so prayers and good thoughts are appreciated! Also, with the National Guard, they have started his paperwork for the security clearance once again. This is a good thing! Also, we have an appointment for an MRI on his knees in July! Praise God!

Jeff is now 12 weeks old and I am sorry I have been slacking here. Things have been so terribly busy for us lately as you can see. He is a happy baby normally, but today was a bad day for us. He had a rough morning which messed up the whole schedule. Then the trip to the hospital for the ultrasound, which upset him. When we got home he was asleep so we decided to let him sleep at that point, so he is just now getting his bath. It is a couple of hours late but hopefully it will relax him enough to sleep well tonight.

Michael is working at the armory tomorrow and what they were going to pay him ($50/day) I think turned into straight active duty pay when he works, which helps us out a ton! Also found out that he is scheduled for Advance leadership school, but not until he gets out of the medical flagging, which could take 2 years, but this is so exciting because with that schooling, he will be able to be an E-6. Once we get the knee fixed, and he gets unflagged for weight and PT scores, he will be able to get his E-5. As told to me, he could be an E-6 before the schooling and once he is unflagged he will be sent to school, which could mean being away from us for about a month or so. Worth it in the long run and not for a couple of years down the road yet.

Well, Jeff is playing my song.. (screaming) so I gotta run!