Busy Life!

Hello everyone! I am so sorry that it has been such a long time since I last updated this! So much to talk about here. So, first of all, 4th of July was touch and go because Jeff did not like the loud noises of fireworks that people were letting off around here. Honestly, they were not that great for me either, but we got through it somehow.

Michael got the job at FTSB and is working 16 hour days, which is good money wise, but not good family wise. I have been trying to keep Jeff up until he gets home so they can spend some time together everyday. He leaves about 4:30am and does not get home until 8pm or so. He has been training and has been doing a great job! They will pay him for the time he is away at annual training for the Army, it will be a straight 40 hours for the week, 2 weeks running. Like vacation pay. Honestly, I am thrilled that he is even getting paid from those weeks.

Michael did get his MRI finally. He has a torn ACL in his knee. They are not sure if it is totally torn or partially torn. He has another ortho doctor appointment on August 12th. They need either another MRI view or an ultrasound on his knee to access how badly the ACL is torn. We are moving forward with all of this and I am happy that finally there is progress. Once we establish how bad the ACL is torn, then we can move forward with surgery.

We were thinking about moving, but since there is the idea of surgery in the future and we are not sure how long he will not be able to work, we decided to stay where we are at the moment. It is small and we don’t have too much more room to grow, but for right now it is fine.

Jeff has his next appointment on July 29th. I get the information on his hips and he gets more shots. Michael is at Annual Training with his National Guard unit, so he will not be able to go with me there. Jeff is 4 months old now and is growing like a weed! I have started to give him baby cereal on a spoon. He is not really liking it, but it is a learned skill. He is amazing and such a happy baby most of the time. Although he is a bit out of sorts with Michael gone for a week, because he does not understand.

Hope all is well with you all! I am sorry about the no picture thing, but I have to find my camera again, I had to put it away because of the renovations and I have yet to actually look for it.