Home Schooling

Recently Michael and I have been talking about home schooling Jeff. It seems almost every single day that I turn on the news there is another reason to go this route. Honestly, the school systems are bad now, I am not thrilled about what they will be like when he is old enough to start school in a few years.

I know I will be home schooling pre-school for him because honestly, pre schools and day cares are super expensive and I want this time with my kid anyway. I know I will run into people who do not understand my choices or just flat out think I am totally wrong, but hey you all are entitled to your opinion, but please remember ONE small detail: HE is MY son, not YOURS. I am doing what I think is best for him.

I have been looking into private schools and oh my gosh, you might as well have your own money tree growing in the back yard. Since I have not figured out how to cultivate that particular tree yet, I am going to go with what I think is best. I have been praying about this and it seems like it would be the best way to go for my son.

Also, I know some of you are thinking, “ he is only 5 months old!!” Yes, he is and right now we are working on his hand eye coordination and sitting up. He is doing fantastic! He is able to take a toy from my hand and put it to his mouth. He is also rolling on to his belly and getting his arms out in front of him all by himself. As well as getting on occasions his knees up under him so I expect him to be crawling here soon! Exciting times!

I am also looking for a book of Bible stories for him. On a child’s level of course. I am starting to read to him more and more. I would like to be able to give him a good foundation of Bible stories. Lots of stuff going on here!

Of course the curriculum that I would be home schooling would be age appropriate and would have some bible and religious aspect to it as well. I Have found one that I really like and and has a pre-school and well as a pre-kindergarten curriculum and I would be doing both to get him ready for school. My main thing, is to work at his pace, which they will not and can not do in public schools. Not to mention all the violence, bullying, and money issues in education these days.

We found out that if Michael has to have surgery on his knee that the Army will give him his pay for his rank while he is recovering. Also, if they medically discharge him, he will get his active duty pay for his rank every month including BHA (Basic Housing Allowance) which at this point would be enough for us to move to a 2 bed room and still have some money left for bills. Of course we would rather have the surgery and let him continue with his military career, he has about eight more years until his 20 to retire and that is what we are shooting for! If they medically discharge him, he is still able to work as well as collect his disability from the Army, which is a good thing. So honestly in my opinion, it is a win-win for us.

Well, I am going to run for now, the dishes are calling my name!


Four Month Check Up

Yesterday was Jeff’s four month check. He also got shots, which made him cranky yesterday, understandably. His hips are perfectly fine according to the ultrasound they did a couple of months ago. He is almost fifteen pounds and his head circumference is 40 inches! I am thinking he is like 25 inches long as well! A very big boy!

He was doing very well until the shot portion of the visit. We did the oral booster and the same ones from last time. He is supposed to start cereal on September 2nd. We are starting with rice. I had tried to start him a couple of weeks ago and it was a disaster, so I decided to wait and try again later. Once we get cereals conquered we will be starting on green veggies, so stay tuned for funny/cute food covered Jeff pictures!

Michael had his eye exam and his prescription has changed very little, but they gave him the paper to get another pair of glasses if he wants to. I think it is a good idea, in case something happens to the pair he has now. Especially with a baby in the house! He is very grabby and puts everything right into his mouth! He is drooling like crazy and Emily said that he is forming teeth at 4 months old and we won’t see a tooth until next month!

We are all doing well, Michael was gone for a week straight for his AT ( Annual Training) and I survived being a single parent for that week! We both (Jeff and I) were happy to see dad when he got home! The next appointment for Michael is his Orthopedic appointment on the 12th of this month for his knee, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he will not need surgery!

Well, I need to run!