Four Month Check Up

Yesterday was Jeff’s four month check. He also got shots, which made him cranky yesterday, understandably. His hips are perfectly fine according to the ultrasound they did a couple of months ago. He is almost fifteen pounds and his head circumference is 40 inches! I am thinking he is like 25 inches long as well! A very big boy!

He was doing very well until the shot portion of the visit. We did the oral booster and the same ones from last time. He is supposed to start cereal on September 2nd. We are starting with rice. I had tried to start him a couple of weeks ago and it was a disaster, so I decided to wait and try again later. Once we get cereals conquered we will be starting on green veggies, so stay tuned for funny/cute food covered Jeff pictures!

Michael had his eye exam and his prescription has changed very little, but they gave him the paper to get another pair of glasses if he wants to. I think it is a good idea, in case something happens to the pair he has now. Especially with a baby in the house! He is very grabby and puts everything right into his mouth! He is drooling like crazy and Emily said that he is forming teeth at 4 months old and we won’t see a tooth until next month!

We are all doing well, Michael was gone for a week straight for his AT ( Annual Training) and I survived being a single parent for that week! We both (Jeff and I) were happy to see dad when he got home! The next appointment for Michael is his Orthopedic appointment on the 12th of this month for his knee, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he will not need surgery!

Well, I need to run!



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