A couple of days ago we had a WIC appointment. Normally those appointments are pretty straightforward and are no stress. This last one was another story however. Michael went with me for the second time and I made him my proxy so if for what ever reason I can not go, he can go in my place and do the pick up.

So the appointment was for 3pm. I did that on purpose because it is easier to get Jeff to appointments in the afternoon. Well, as it turned out we almost missed this one. Which of course causes me stress because WIC gives us formula for Jeff and it is important to get that. So, I called them to see if it could be rescheduled, but the appointments were booked solid until mid November! I could walk-in during specific hours and pick up the next three months, but honestly I did not want to do it that way because I would be sitting there for God knows how long! Not really what I want to do with my Monday. We got there with a few minutes to spare.

I knew that they would be removing me from the program because I am not breastfeeding anymore. Which is fine. Yeah, we will miss the food aspect of it for us, but they are giving us formula, cereal, and baby food fruits and veggies for Jeff. So,that is more important. I go back in January again, we go back every 3 months. I am having trouble accepting that Jeff is already 6 months old! At the end of the month we go back to the doctor for him. He gets more shots and his six month check up. He is learning and growing so much every single day.

He mimics the things I do, when I kiss his hand, he pulls my hand to his mouth. Like he is kissing it. It is so sweet. Michael has drill this weekend again. He was not happy about having back to back drill weekends, but I told him that actually it was a good thing because now he got it out of the way, the rest of the month is his. I guess he did not think about that. LOL.

Jeff should be crawling here really soon I think. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth, soon he will taking off across the floor! He is already rolling over very well and extremely quickly! So much so when I have him on the bed, I have to watch him closely or he will roll right off the bed!

His personality is really coming out now as well. He has learned to scream and screech and he thinks he is the cat’s meow when he does this. He will look at us and smile as if to say isn’t that great?!?! We are trying to get him to use his ‘inside’ voice but not sure how well that is working out for us. LOL.

Well, I am going to run. I am still tired and I got him to go back to sleep. So now momma can go back to sleep too Smile 



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