7 Months Old and Dr. Appointment

Yesterday was Jeff’s 6 month well baby check, technically he was 7 months old during this. The lady that scheduled it snuck an extra month in. No big deal. He got his shots and was so good! He weighs 16 pounds and is 22 inches long! A big boy for sure! He cried a bit after the shots but had stopped before we left the office.

He is cutting teeth!!! On the top, I can feel them coming in. This is going wayyy too fast! I sometimes miss the little newborn he was. I could hold and cuddle him easier back then. It is hard for me to hold him much now he is a wiggler! He was fussy last night and I gave him some infants Tylenol and he fell asleep for about an hour or two. So, about 9pm I got in the tub with him last night and he loved it!

He finally fell back to sleep about midnight, which was fine because I was up and so was Michael. His doctor contacted UK Hospital about circumcising him. They(his pediatrician and the hospital) like to wait until they are at least 6 month old to do that. Now I wanted it done after he was born, but because of the issues with the breech birth they would not. Which I understood. So, I am waiting to hear from the hospital about an appointment for that. It is supposed to be an outpatient procedure, but I have issues with the stuff they use to put you to sleep for surgery. Not sure if they will put him out or just give a local, I will have to ask about that. I am hoping that I did not pass my issues on to Jeff. I have always had a hard time waking up after surgery.

So, when I have Jeff on the bed with us, he likes to climb on us, then pushes up to his feet. If you hold his hands he is standing up and trying to walk! He totally loves the Alphabet Pal that his grandma (Michael’s mom) sent him. He just thinks that is the cat’s meow! He is amazing and growing so fast!

He is eating solid foods now. He loves green beans, but not the cereals. Does not like peas, but loves sweet potatoes. Not too sure how he feels about carrots because we tried them last night but with the shots and all he was not into eating solid food last night. So we are going to try them today.

I can’t believe it is almost November! Holy cow! The day after Thanksgiving will be 3 years I have been here with Michael. Seems like yesterday honestly! Well, I need to run. Jeff is waking up and today is Michael’s appointment with the surgeon for his knee.



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