That Kind of Mom

I read an article on Yahoo yesterday that really hit home with me. The article was about this woman who is a mom to a 5 year old boy. She had been a ‘grumpy’ mom and let issues from her life seep in to her attitude. It came to be understood that her son picked up on it when her husband had told her what her son said about her. Something to the effect of we need to let mom sleep because she is grumpy. Now, the reason why this hit home with me is that I know for a fact that my worries, will we have money for rent, bills, food, etc… does seep into my attitude.  Honestly, it is hard not to let them.

But she said something that really made sense to me, she said that her son has one childhood and does she want him to remember it with a grumpy mom or a happy mom. I understand that. We all have daily issues that weigh us down, some more than others, but if you think that your kids do not pick up on your moods, you are wrong. Even young children can sense things.

So, I am going to do my best and work on not being the grumpy mom.. but a mom that my son deserves.


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