Happy New Year!

Well, to say that 2014 has been a rollercoaster ride would be an understatement! I am still honestly wondering where the time went! It seems like last week Jeff had been born and we were just starting our new adventure in parenting! Now he is 9 months old and his own little person! Whew!

I want to wish you all a very happy new year! If you are celebrating someplace outside of home please be safe out there. Do not drink and drive because we need you here! My hope for your 2015 is that it is as wonderful, hopeful, joy filled, and prosperous as can be!

I will tell you that I am not sad to see 2014 leaving. I am ever so hopeful for 2015 though. Living life with Jeff is never boring! He is teething so much more. Fussy does not even begin to cover it with him. I feel for him and I wish I could do more than what I am doing, which is orajel on his gums. Many have asked why I don’t give him Tylenol, mostly because he HATES it and fights it. He will spit it out and when he does that it is not going to help. So, I am saving Tylenol for things like after immunization pain, fevers, etc… So far, he has not run a fever that I can tell. He is naturally warm like his dad is, so it is hard to tell.

He has a doctor appointment coming up on January 6th. Boy will they be surprised by the teeth! He is continuing to teeth, I can feel another tooth on the top trying to make it’s way in. So the next few months will be busy! He loves all his new toys!

I am tired but my body is getting used to it I think. Michael is doing well, he is working today and will be off for New Year’s which is nice. I am starting a read the Bible in 100 days challenge tomorrow. I can not wait! I need to start making time for myself and that will be a goal for 2015.

Well, I need to run. I have to figure dinner out. Something with ham.



3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Yeah for you, Tawnya! Reading the Bible has gotten me through many a rough adventure with the boys. In ladies bible study I learned so much and made friends that have continued for 40 years. I am cheering for you Go girl Go you deserve it.

    • Thanks! I am looking forward to it! I am hoping that I can do this either while Jeff is sleeping or after Michael gets home and plays with him so I can read and do what I need.

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