2015 Maifesto

Well, 2015 has begun! I do have to admit that New Year’s Eve was difficult because the people around here were shooting off fireworks and guns at midnight which kept Jeff up. Did not exactly do anything for my PTSD either. All in all, it was a quiet night, no count down shows for us. I got to kiss my boys at midnight so I was a happy girl!

I have talked about the Read the Bible in 100 days challenge I am a part of and so far it has been wonderful! I learned so much! Like, did you guys know that rainbows are proof of God’s covenant with Man? I did not and now I will never look at them the same way again!

I am so amazed at all the things I did not know. Since we started on the 1st and chronologically it is now the 3rd, when I say last night I am talking about Thursday night (for the purposes of this story anyway). I was beginning my reading and I was having a difficult time with the way the Bible lays out the families and such. I had been told a long time ago that serves as a time line, but I discovered that it did not. So, that honestly helped me a great deal, that and when I realized that only the important people are mentioned in this part as well. Meaning those that were important to the story, like Noah and Lot.

Michael actually helped me Thursday night figure it all out. I could tell that he was pleased to see my eyes light up with understanding when I got a troublesome area. I read out loud and then we would discuss what I had read to be sure that I was understanding it in the right manner. Also, as I was doing this Jeff fell asleep! So, we are all enriching our day with a little religion!

Today ( Friday) I read out loud to Jeff as Michael was at work and at some parts he was calm and quiet and when I was reading about God destroying Sodom and Gomorrah he was upset! It was definitely nice to be able to read the Bible and do my study today while Michael was at work.

I am actually enjoying this so much more than I thought I would! The picture in the entry is what I am using as my 2015 Manifesto. I found it on Facebook and it spoke to me. Volumes! So, I put it on the desk top of my computer where I can see it every single day to remind me. I have a day planner sheet I found for free that I am going to try out and see if it will work for me. It is a simple one and when I get a chance I will post a screen shot of it here. Well, that is all for my update so far, hope your 2015 is enjoyable so far!