We Moved!

IMG_0261As of 3/3, we have moved into our new place. As always when doing things such as moving, nothing ever goes as planned and this move was no exception. Although, I was thrilled on Tuesday March 3, to be able to start moving. We were totally moved out of the other place, lock, stock, and barrel by March 4th which was Wednesday. Michael returned the keys the next day on Thursday, which was March 5th. Of course he did this after they had left so he would not have to deal with anyone from the office. I am not sure if I mentioned it, but they had tried to schedule new appliance installation while we were moving out! So I put a sign on the door that read : NO New Appliances Needed, Moving out. We will be finished by 3/6. Thanks. Apparently, Michael talked to the appliance guys and explained the situation and they said they did not want to be in the way so they will do the other apartments in the building first to be sure they were not in our way, which was nice.

According to the legal paperwork the Michael signed on February 20th , as long as we were moved out before March 6th at 5pm, they had agreed to not push the judgment on Michael, so The Racquet Club would have to eat the $1000 + in fees and late rent. We were gone by then and honestly it was a wonderful feeling to be gone from there. 4

We really like our new place. We are still unpacking and moving stuff around. Back to things not working out like they were supposed to. We were supposed to have internet back by the 6th, but no one mentioned making a payment before we got it back. They charged us like $60 to transfer the service! So, because we had to eat fast food and the rental truck costing more than we had thought, we have not had the money to make a payment yet. Hopefully we will have the Internet back on 27th and I can publish this.

It is so quiet here. The apartment next to us is empty and there is someone above us, but that is it. We do not really have any view to speak of, but I wanted it like that because the better the view the more expensive usually. It is nice being closer to the Kroger (it is right across the street now) and closer to a bus stop for sure. So much more room for Jeff to explore and crawl around in.

Well, that is all the news for now..