Migraines Are Not Good For Childhood

I was diagnosed with migraines when I was like 15 years old. So, I have been dealing with them for many, many years and tried a lot of different medications with some horrible side effects to get some kind of relief. Sadly, some would work for a while and quit and some would just plain not work at all. At once point there was a medication where you would take 2 pills at the onset of a migraine and wait for about an hour and if it is not gone you take another pill every hour until it is. Honestly, I was up to 15 or 16 pills. It was crazy!

I have not taken a prescription migraine med in about 5 years, mainly because well, I would just lay down in a dark, cool room and go to sleep and most of the time this helped. Of course this is pre kids. But now I am back to meds for relief because I can not just lay down when I need to and sleep.

I do have some requests in case a pharmaceutical company accidentally stumbles across my blog and actually reads this entry ( far fetched, I know!).  Please Mr. Pharma could you make a migraine med that will not put me to sleep. Yes, I know there are some that say that they are non drowsy but when I take them I am out like a light! Also, the last med I tried made me tired, have severe nausea , dizziness, and other assorted side effects. Could we leave those out too? See, I am a mom to a 1 year old boy who does not understand migraines. He wants to play and laugh and squeal with delight and when mom has a headache, she can not handle those things very well.

I know that these requests are long shots because medication affects us all differently. I get that, but honestly I am so tired of suffering with these migraines. Yes,  I have heard of the botox treatment for migraines and honestly that scares me to death! Putting a toxic substance in my body for relief of migraines and it does not even work on every one. No, thank you.

Excedrin Migraine works about 60% of the time if I catch the migraine in time, but if I wake up with a full blown one, my day is pretty much shot. Like yesterday. I had a bad one. Horrible headache, dizziness, light and sound sensitivities, nausea, the whole nine yards it seemed! I am a very lucky girl that I have a husband who understands and he took care of dinner last night for us.

I hate losing days like these because my son gets one childhood and I do not want him to look back and remember that mommy had migraines. So I am trying everything I can to fight back and get some relief! I am much better today, I can at least function. I still have the nagging low grade migraine, but I think it is mostly weather related.

Oh yeah, that is another thing, the triggers. Ugh. I do not have many and I am pretty good at staying away from those that I can control such as certain types of foods, smells, etc… My biggest and worst trigger is something that I absolutely have no control over what so ever. The Weather. I cringe when I see a rapid change in temperatures coming or the barometric pressure changing rapidly from one day to another. I know these things will bring on a migraine for sure. I do everything I can to avoid them, the weather is one thing I can not avoid.

I am hoping on my newest doctor appointment that we will be able to work towards a plan that will help me beat these horrible headaches at least for a little while.


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