The Choice is Mine..

In the last year or so I have been repeatedly going back and forth on the pros and cons of homeschooling my son. With so many stories in the media as of late about teachers, schools, and school policies going haywire, is it any wonder why I am thinking of moving in this direction? Of course there are worries, such as will i be a good enough teacher for my son and what if I totally fail at this?

I am not saying that I will fail but it is in the back of my mind. Granted yes, my son is only a little over a year old ( I truly despise using 13 months old, he is a year old now. ) I want my son to have the best education he possibly can.

Honestly the idea of including cooking, chores, and other life skills makes me happy about homeschooling. Things that in main stream education that are lacking or no longer there anymore because they are things that politicians have deemed unnecessary, but in my mind are very important. Things also important like creating, sticking to, and learning to budget, buying groceries, being able to make simple repairs on clothing (sewing a button back on comes to mind). Also being able to tailor the lessons to what he is interested in at any given time is another plus because I want him to learn to love learning so he will continue to want to learn for the rest of his life.

I have also heard home school horror stories, so as you can imagine I have all this stuff swirling around in my head as I try and make the best decision I can for my son. I have tentatively decided that I will home school pre school and pre kindergarten to get a feel for it and if we flourish with it I will continue to home school, that way there is a sort of safety net and  if I totally suck at it he can go to school.

I have the support of M and his family which is wonderful! I know he would help on his days off and that would be a huge relief to me. Another plus, is I would not have to do common core. I HATE   DESPISE  LOATHE common core!

I am also looking for a Christian based curriculum mainly because I want my son to have all the facts so when he is old enough he can decide for himself and well, we are Christians. I took a religion class in college ( did I mention I have a degree in psychology?!) and it opened my eyes a lot to other religions and I was able to get some facts I did not have. It served to strengthen my faith because we had to do a paper on a religion that was not our own. I got a very in depth look at the Jewish faith and it was interesting.

But I digress, homeschooling gives me options for my son that he and I would not have in regular school. Not to mention that Dyslexia and ADHD runs in the family. I would like my son to have a chance to flourish and not possibly fall through the cracks at a traditional school. He may not fall through the cracks, but there have been some horror stories! Also, we could move though the lessons at his pace so he does not feel rushed to figure it out. Now I know you can not do that in a traditional school.

So here is to our new adventure down the road a bit. I am scared but also excited to spend this time with my son!



6 thoughts on “The Choice is Mine..

    • I am looking forward to the adventure! However, the curriculum thing is really kind of scaring me! So many out there. So many free options. It is almost way too much for my brain to handle!

      • YES, it is a huge learning curve. 1. You don’t need it all. 2. Perfect curriculum doesn’t exist. 3. You’ll discover your kids learning approaches very quickly. 4. As with all things, less is more. 5. You’ll have happier a homeschooling life when you focus on living happily/peacefully than schooling approaches. 6. And then they will learn learn learn when you’re least expecting it! Happy homeschooling!

  1. Relax! Stressed teachers create a difficult learning scene. If you just have fun paying with Jeff teaching him as you go he will flower. He’s smart, you’re smart. You love each other. It will work, when you get to microbiology and trigonometry then join a home school umbrella and let the qualified teach him. If you try it and you feel its not right for whatever reason, then you look at Christian schools. Just take it as it comes. Have fun playing with your boy.

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