Turned A Corner

As you all know I have been dealing with a mystery fever with Jeff for the last couple of days. Ugh! Yesterday was horrendous for us. He was fussy all night long and did not fall asleep until between 1-2 am then was up at 4:30am to see dad. So that meant that I had to be up too because M is getting ready for work and can not keep an eye on Jeff all the time and to add misery Jeff was not feeling well and wanted to be held and was whining. I got up and had a migraine because of lack of sleep. Jeff was up until about this time yesterday morning because I could not get him back to sleep. Finally he crashed out on me and then I crashed out. 

I hate when my kid is sick. I feel bad because I can only do so much. Well, there were no other symptoms what so ever. No runny nose, no cough, no nothing to give me any clue as to what was going on and just like that yesterday the fever was gone and last night he was back to himself again! I am of course keeping a close eye on him today to make sure we do not have a repeat, but when he went to sleep last night he was normal temperature and he is fine this morning. (I just checked to be sure! 🙂 ) 

We did have mayo chicken last night and I will get around to actually posting the recipe in the food blog soon. I know it sounds gross. I am not a huge fan of mayo at all. On certain things, sure but on chicken?! It is so good! I took a recipe from Hellman’s and changed it. Okay turned it upside down and in side out and made it mine. Oh man am I starving now! I usually skip breakfast because Jeff and I sometimes do not wake up until 10 am and then by the time the brain has engaged and I am functional, it is like lunch time. I am trying to make more of an effort to eat breakfast lately. M got me some bagels, which I love! When Jeff is sleeping I have time to make something to eat, but if he is awake, I have enough time to throw a bagel in the toaster, get his bottle and slap some butter or peanut butter on the bagel and get back to him before he starts crying!

If he is sleeping I can make eggs and a bagel. Depending on what I want. I am still recovering from yesterday. I had a horrible migraine and it stormed to top it off. ugh. I think while he is sleeping right now I am going to go grab something to eat! 



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