Early Mornings

I am not a fan of early mornings. In fact, I would rather be asleep right now, but when you have kids you sign up for things you don’t like much. I wish it were different, but it is how life is. Again this morning Jeff was up while M was getting ready for work. I think he enjoys seeing M before he goes to work because usually when he wakes up M is long gone. This morning M had to move Jeff because he was right on top of me and I needed to roll over. He moved him to his side of the bed and put his pillows around him. Normally Jeff will roll back over towards me at this point, but this morning he decided to scare his momma to death! He rolled towards the edge of the bed in his sleep and kept going even though he was hitting the pillows, I grabbed his leg and must have gasped really loud or said something out loud because M came running in from the bathroom! He did not fall but I scared him awake I think! Fair is fair he scared the bajezus out of me too!

So by Monday evening I will have some news to announce here and on Facebook, so keep a look out here for that! After Monday this blog will be changing some things as well, just fair warning because I know people will come and be like wait… this is not right. LOL. Yes, it will be okay! I promise!

Jeff is now crashed out again and I had breakfast so I am going to go lay back down too soon. M got me a Jimmy Dean sausage bowl for breakfast and it was good. It has sausage, eggs, potatoes, and country gravy. Honestly, if I tried I could probably do better for sure! It would definitely be more. I did enjoy it though, it was the first time I had it and he had it a couple of weeks ago and said it was good. 

Taxes should be in soon. We were late because of the social security number debacle. Sigh. Apparently, when you have a newborn in the house you need to tell the mail man. They did send Jeff’s number but the mail person sent it back because it was a new name and he did not realize. Ugh. Also, because when I ordered Jeff’s birth certificate there were about 19 choices and of course I chose wrong. I ordered the legal birth certificate but it only has my name on it and not M’s, so because of that he could not get Jeff’s social security number. In the first place neither of us knew if he had been issued a number, then I had go actually go down there which I did a few weeks ago. All of this because he could not wait until we were at the hospital to be born! 

Okay, I am going to lay down. Have a wonderful weekend!



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