The Month of June

This month suddenly got super busy for us! My doctor appointment was this past Monday. I have a WIC appointment on the 8th. My ultrasound is on the 15th and my follow up doctor appointment is on the 29th. Add to that we have to get our forms in for food stamps by the 17th of this month and wow we are so busy! Don’t get me wrong, it is a good kind of busy but still a lot to do. Honestly, I am tired thinking about it all! LOL. 

M and I were discussing how I felt bad for those kids with December birthdays they tend to be lumped in with Christmas, because it is the major gift buying holiday in that month. Since our child will be born in December this year, it is a pretty relevant topic. We were discussing what we might want to do if they change my due date to closer to Christmas. If we would wait until after Christmas to celebrate or not. Obviously we would make the day of special, but have the celebration after the holiday or not. 

Right now, I am just trying to make it through the day. I am tired and dizzy. Probably from the meds I am taking right now. Ugh. But they help so I take them. The weather is not particularly helping much either with being cloudy and chances of rain. I am happy to say that everyone has been really happy for us and supportive since we announced baby #2. Again I will get those registry links posted for family not on Facebook. I need to go play with the soon to be big brother here. 



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