With all my kids, I never ever had any issues eating. Until now. Which is really sad for me because well, I love to eat! I will go to the kitchen and see something that looks really good, so I will start to make it (reheat it, whatever) and by the time I get it made and sit down with it, nope can’t eat. Now my son Jeff thinks he hit the jackpot all the time because he will gladly eat what I don’t. Well, at least it does not go to waste. 

All I want to be able to do is to eat something almost anything without getting sick or feeling like I am going to be sick. Seriously. I am so tired. I got to eat just enough to take my antibiotic so I would not get sick from that at least. I will try again later. I have a Lunchable and a REV wrap that I can eat. Oh yeah and a TV dinner that I might be able to eat when my stomach settles in a bit. 

Discussing all this with my friends on Facebook and they are all saying the same thing, ‘ OMG you are having a GIRL!!’. Now I am not sure of all that, but I have heard that if your pregnancy is totally different from the one before it you will be having the opposite of what you had. Since I had a boy, by this reasoning I should be having a girl this time. However, there is one thing I learned over the years, ALL pregnancies are different! All I know right now is that I am so tired and over emotional all the time. 

One of the good things is that my new migraine medicine is actually working. It did take 3 days but for once I woke up this morning almost totally headache free! First time in almost a month that has happened, so I am happy and will definitely take that!

However, with Jeff whining at me about everything I think I might just get that headache back real soon! Is it nap time yet?!? Cause I need one and so does he!! Well, this binkie hunter has to go find the binkie he put somewhere… 



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