Genetic Testing

Yesterday was one of those days for me. Jeff woke up way too early to see M off to work and then would not settle back down to go back to sleep. So, when the genetic testing lady called me at 8:30 am yesterday, I was awake wondering who in the world would be calling us that early?!? As, it turned out, it was wonderful news, my tests had results and they were negative. Which means that there is a low risk that baby Charlotte will have Autism or any of the other genetic disorders that we tested for. I was so relieved! I mean, there is always that chance, but since none of the other kids had those issues, I was trying to not be concerned about it, but I am 40 and things are different now. 

I hung up the phone and looked at Jeff and cried. Not really sure why, well yes I am, because I was relieved. Mostly about the other genetic issues we tested for not the autism, because as a friend of mine says, Autism is a super power! And she would be right! Jeff of course had no idea why momma was crying so the look on his face was priceless. It was also confirmed that we are having a girl! 

I am so tired today, but can not sleep right now. Monday is my doctor appointment and Tuesday is when M talks to the surgeon at the VA about a date for surgery on his knee. So lots of stuff going on in the beginning of August. I think I am headed to lay back down while Jeff is still sleeping.. 


Ugh, Not Again!

Some of you might remember when I talked about where we used to live, before we moved in March of this and the issues that happened there. Yesterday, M went to the office to see if we can get the issues we are having with the mailbox fixed (no key, because it is lost). When he was in the office he saw people from the other complex there going through leases. He came home and told me, I immediately had a horrible bad feeling about this. I think this place is being bought by the company that owned the other place. He had to go back and they saw M and Jeff. Both women apparently were giving him dirty looks. We have signed a 2 year lease here, so they can not mess with that, but they can make our lives hell and I am worried about that. 

Another reason I think this is what is happening is that the assistant property manager, who we have dealt with from the very beginning suddenly up and quit. Which is strange because she LOVED her job. Brookside management company has a way of running the good people off and replacing them with people who can not do their jobs or are total jerks. Sigh. So we are a little bit worried about that now. 

My dentist appointment was a no go. I guess I needed a doctor release, which I did not know about since my doctor set the appointment up. They tried calling the office while I was there waiting, but no one called back. So, now I have to go back on August 24th. It was 101 degrees out on Monday with the humidity and we went all the way there in that heat. We were all hot and edgy, but it was way too hot for Jeff to be out and if I am honest, me too being pregnant. Ugh. 

That is where we are for now.. I need to run and get something to drink..


Jeff Updates

This week has been full of firsts for Jeff! I think I mentioned that he took three steps on his own already,if I had not, he did!! Last night he learned to somersault on the bed, all by himself! He also hopped yesterday by himself! Oh my goodness, he is growing up so fast and I can not stand it! I am so proud of him, but honestly wish all this would slow down some! 

This morning he nodded yes at me for the first time ever! I am amazed as I watch my little boy make such strides and I remember what he was like after he was born and I could just stare at him and think how wondrous that his tiny little hand would grow bigger. I miss those days for sure, but I know he can’t stay little forever. 

Oh man I am a hormonal mess lately! I am seeing certain things on Face Book and they are not bad things, they are happy things and I am just a blubbering mess! Today we got the crib mattress that grandma and grandpa sent.. The sheets will be here later, but my plan is to put it on the floor and show him he can lay on that if he wants to nap or sleep. 

Our new bed is very high off the ground now and I am paranoid he is going to fall off! It is like getting on a horse for me to get in bed. I have a step stool coming in a day or so. Some of my friends are like get a running start and jump on the bed! I was like “People I am pregnant!” LOL. It did make me laugh though. So all good! 

Today was a horrible headache day for me, 2 of my pills and nothing worked. ugh. I am thinking of making home made pizza and wings for dinner tonight. I have the chicken thawed and I need cheese, but M can run across the street and grab some with no problem. I am in a pizza and wings mood but not to order out and definitely not to go anywhere. 

The cord for M’s lap top died on Thursday and I had ordered a new one from Amazon, hopefully it will be delivered to the house and not the mail box because we are having mail box issues at the moment, which hopefully can be taken care of Monday or Tuesday. I have a dentist appointment on Monday. It will be my last appointment for the month of July, right this minute I only have 1 appointment scheduled for August and I am hoping to keep it that way. I need a month where we are not running all over the place for once! 

Well, I think that is it for now.. 



Okay so Tuesday was my second ultrasound and also the redraw for the genetic testing. I should possibly have those results in a couple of weeks or so. So about August 7th. Which also happens to be M’s birthday!

I do have photos to add and I will at the end of the post. The ultrasound tech said she thinks it is a girl! So, Charlotte Elizabeth Gardner is on the way! We are both thrilled to pieces! However, we have absolutely nothing for a girl! My friend Becky is putting together an online baby shower for me because so many of my friends are in other states, which is nice of her!

I will post the link for the registries here too.. I found one site that will host all three registries so you can use Amazon, Walmart, or Target to get the things I have on my baby registries there. Which is so much easier than keeping track of all three!!

I do have to go back for a third ultrasound but not until September because baby Charlotte was laying on her spine and would not move for us! So, they have some other anatomy things they want to see as well and make sure she is growing well. As of right now everything is great! I have a doctor appointment on August 3rd and a dentist appointment next Monday. Not really looking forward to that, but I have to be healthy!

Jeff is doing well, starting to walk.. he has taken a total of 3 steps on his own so far and I was just shocked!!! As soon as he figures out how to do it again, I am in trouble! I am sort of looking forward to those days but not really. Time is flying by and he is growing up so fast! I miss the new born days with him, but he is his own little person and complete with a temper to match his red hair!

Profile- Ultrasound Picture

Pain and Other Stuff Happening

Newest pic of Jeff

Newest pic of Jeff

We have been rather busy around here as of late! Okay, so I already mentioned the last doctor appointment in my last entry. Since then, I have added a dentist appointment on the 27th of July. So the week after my ultrasound. I am happy with that because I have been needing to see a dentist for a while and now I get to. 

I have been having what is called round ligament pain. It is where the uterus and everything is stretching out to get into place for the new baby. It has been really painful this time around and has been really hampering my ability to get things done. According to the doctor that is the pain I have when I am walking. ugh. I am hoping that will end soon because honestly I am over it! 

Our new bed is being delivered today! We are totally thrilled, let me tell you! M had to work mandatory overtime today because Amazon is having a Prime Day. Basically they are saying if you are a Prime member, there are all kinds of great deals today! Supposed to be better than Black Friday! 

Jeff is showing us his mad problem solving skills as of late! Such a smart kid it is rather scary! The weather here is nasty today with pretty bad storms moving through already. Had some bad ones yesterday and the day before as well. Flash flood warnings and watches in effect now too.. 

I changed Jeff’s doctor to the place where I am going this last week. His old doctor was about 1/2 mile from the bus stop and right now that is not doable for me at all. So the place I go does pediatrics and they are right across the street from the bus stop, so that works out better for us now. As soon as I get his new cards, I will be making an appointment for him. 

I am tired so I am going to try and rest while there is a break in the storms.. Jeff is finally back to sleep. 


Updates and Other Stuff

I did not realize it has been so long since I posted! I have been quite busy! I hope your 4th of July was great. Mine was good, we hung around the house because Jeff is not ready for fireworks yet. He does not like loud noises at all. He was having issues with the ones being set off around here. 

I had my doctor appointment on Monday and everything looks great with the baby! I also had another blood test for another kind of issue, something with the neural tubes of the brain for the new baby. So, hopefully will get those results soon. I will have to redo the first round of genetic testing because there was not enough fetal DNA in my blood to get any kind of result. Sigh. So when I go for my second ultrasound on July 21st, I will redo that test too. This month is a lot quieter than last month which is good for me. Monday we went out to lunch after the doctor appointment and it has been quite some time since we went some place and actually sat there and ate. It was really nice! Jeff did great sitting in a high chair and eating his own lunch! He had chicken fingers and fries. 

Trying to let Jeff be more independent with in reason these days. It is working out quite nicely. He lets me know when he wants on the floor to go do his own thing and then comes back and wants to hang out with Momma. I do have to go behind him and clean up some messes, mostly his clothes in his basket that he likes to throw around. But it is okay, only takes a few minutes to pick up and then it is done. So this morning, I went to check on the delivery status of our new bed I ordered and saw it was cancelled!! 

Talk about a mini heart attack!!! I called the delivery company and they explained that they had refused a partial delivery, meaning that either just the mattress or just the box springs just showed up and they knew it was supposed to be both. So Serta has resent the whole order out. It sets the date back but it is okay. As long as I get my new bed!!! Well my little boy wants to snuggle so I am off!