Updates and Other Stuff

I did not realize it has been so long since I posted! I have been quite busy! I hope your 4th of July was great. Mine was good, we hung around the house because Jeff is not ready for fireworks yet. He does not like loud noises at all. He was having issues with the ones being set off around here. 

I had my doctor appointment on Monday and everything looks great with the baby! I also had another blood test for another kind of issue, something with the neural tubes of the brain for the new baby. So, hopefully will get those results soon. I will have to redo the first round of genetic testing because there was not enough fetal DNA in my blood to get any kind of result. Sigh. So when I go for my second ultrasound on July 21st, I will redo that test too. This month is a lot quieter than last month which is good for me. Monday we went out to lunch after the doctor appointment and it has been quite some time since we went some place and actually sat there and ate. It was really nice! Jeff did great sitting in a high chair and eating his own lunch! He had chicken fingers and fries. 

Trying to let Jeff be more independent with in reason these days. It is working out quite nicely. He lets me know when he wants on the floor to go do his own thing and then comes back and wants to hang out with Momma. I do have to go behind him and clean up some messes, mostly his clothes in his basket that he likes to throw around. But it is okay, only takes a few minutes to pick up and then it is done. So this morning, I went to check on the delivery status of our new bed I ordered and saw it was cancelled!! 

Talk about a mini heart attack!!! I called the delivery company and they explained that they had refused a partial delivery, meaning that either just the mattress or just the box springs just showed up and they knew it was supposed to be both. So Serta has resent the whole order out. It sets the date back but it is okay. As long as I get my new bed!!! Well my little boy wants to snuggle so I am off!



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