Okay so Tuesday was my second ultrasound and also the redraw for the genetic testing. I should possibly have those results in a couple of weeks or so. So about August 7th. Which also happens to be M’s birthday!

I do have photos to add and I will at the end of the post. The ultrasound tech said she thinks it is a girl! So, Charlotte Elizabeth Gardner is on the way! We are both thrilled to pieces! However, we have absolutely nothing for a girl! My friend Becky is putting together an online baby shower for me because so many of my friends are in other states, which is nice of her!

I will post the link for the registries here too.. I found one site that will host all three registries so you can use Amazon, Walmart, or Target to get the things I have on my baby registries there. Which is so much easier than keeping track of all three!!

I do have to go back for a third ultrasound but not until September because baby Charlotte was laying on her spine and would not move for us! So, they have some other anatomy things they want to see as well and make sure she is growing well. As of right now everything is great! I have a doctor appointment on August 3rd and a dentist appointment next Monday. Not really looking forward to that, but I have to be healthy!

Jeff is doing well, starting to walk.. he has taken a total of 3 steps on his own so far and I was just shocked!!! As soon as he figures out how to do it again, I am in trouble! I am sort of looking forward to those days but not really. Time is flying by and he is growing up so fast! I miss the new born days with him, but he is his own little person and complete with a temper to match his red hair!

Profile- Ultrasound Picture


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