Jeff Updates

This week has been full of firsts for Jeff! I think I mentioned that he took three steps on his own already,if I had not, he did!! Last night he learned to somersault on the bed, all by himself! He also hopped yesterday by himself! Oh my goodness, he is growing up so fast and I can not stand it! I am so proud of him, but honestly wish all this would slow down some! 

This morning he nodded yes at me for the first time ever! I am amazed as I watch my little boy make such strides and I remember what he was like after he was born and I could just stare at him and think how wondrous that his tiny little hand would grow bigger. I miss those days for sure, but I know he can’t stay little forever. 

Oh man I am a hormonal mess lately! I am seeing certain things on Face Book and they are not bad things, they are happy things and I am just a blubbering mess! Today we got the crib mattress that grandma and grandpa sent.. The sheets will be here later, but my plan is to put it on the floor and show him he can lay on that if he wants to nap or sleep. 

Our new bed is very high off the ground now and I am paranoid he is going to fall off! It is like getting on a horse for me to get in bed. I have a step stool coming in a day or so. Some of my friends are like get a running start and jump on the bed! I was like “People I am pregnant!” LOL. It did make me laugh though. So all good! 

Today was a horrible headache day for me, 2 of my pills and nothing worked. ugh. I am thinking of making home made pizza and wings for dinner tonight. I have the chicken thawed and I need cheese, but M can run across the street and grab some with no problem. I am in a pizza and wings mood but not to order out and definitely not to go anywhere. 

The cord for M’s lap top died on Thursday and I had ordered a new one from Amazon, hopefully it will be delivered to the house and not the mail box because we are having mail box issues at the moment, which hopefully can be taken care of Monday or Tuesday. I have a dentist appointment on Monday. It will be my last appointment for the month of July, right this minute I only have 1 appointment scheduled for August and I am hoping to keep it that way. I need a month where we are not running all over the place for once! 

Well, I think that is it for now.. 



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