Genetic Testing

Yesterday was one of those days for me. Jeff woke up way too early to see M off to work and then would not settle back down to go back to sleep. So, when the genetic testing lady called me at 8:30 am yesterday, I was awake wondering who in the world would be calling us that early?!? As, it turned out, it was wonderful news, my tests had results and they were negative. Which means that there is a low risk that baby Charlotte will have Autism or any of the other genetic disorders that we tested for. I was so relieved! I mean, there is always that chance, but since none of the other kids had those issues, I was trying to not be concerned about it, but I am 40 and things are different now. 

I hung up the phone and looked at Jeff and cried. Not really sure why, well yes I am, because I was relieved. Mostly about the other genetic issues we tested for not the autism, because as a friend of mine says, Autism is a super power! And she would be right! Jeff of course had no idea why momma was crying so the look on his face was priceless. It was also confirmed that we are having a girl! 

I am so tired today, but can not sleep right now. Monday is my doctor appointment and Tuesday is when M talks to the surgeon at the VA about a date for surgery on his knee. So lots of stuff going on in the beginning of August. I think I am headed to lay back down while Jeff is still sleeping.. 



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