To Eat or Not To Eat, That Seems to be the Issue

Being pregnant I know that I was going to have some issues with food. It has happened every time, with every child. So, I thought I knew what to expect. In the beginning, I was actively craving fresh fruit and cold water. Now, not so much. I see stuff on Facebook (I follow a number of cooking and recipe pages) that looks good. My mouth will water and when I get to have it, the baby is like, NO! LOL. 

Case in point, a friend of mine went to Disney and posted a picture of a delicious looking cheeseburger and I was like OMG, YUM. Fast forward to last night, my wonderful hubby made me yummy cheeseburgers and I had a few bites and the baby was like, um, no. Sigh. Really?!?

So, now I am trying to figure out what to eat and let me tell you, it is not easy! I am so envious of those women who have cravings now. Yes, as sad as it seems, I have food envy right now. We had BLT’s the other night and they were good. I actually got to eat a whole sandwich that night. It is getting so bad that I lost a pound between doctor visits. The weight loss is not bad, they did not even say anything, but I know it is because I can basically only eat about maybe half of anything I am trying to eat. 

This is worst than having to share my food with a toddler! At least the toddler will let me have some.. I am tired all the time and I know some of it is from not being able to eat enough lately, which of course makes it hard to keep up with the toddler! It is a vicious circle! Tonight I have pork chops out for dinner, not really sure what I am doing with them yet, but they are thawing.. it is also M’s birthday.. So, I will try to eat tonight and see what happens. I need to try and get lunch down here in a bit too.. sigh. Wish me luck!



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