Life Lately

I have been actively trying to get into the kitchen and cook more lately. See, before we had kids, I was always making new recipes and trying out new things, but after, not so much. Life got crazy with a baby in the house and cooking for fun went on the back burner. Life in the kitchen lately has been about fast, easy meals. I miss the days where I made Swedish Meatballs from scratch. 

I have been actively trying to find freezer meals that I can make before the baby comes and all that has to be done is put in the oven or crock pot, so life will be easier on us because I know I will not want to cook and I know M will be tired as it is peak season at Amazon when the baby is born. We are very lucky in that Jeff is a wonderful eater so far and basically as long  as  I am eating it, so will he with very few exceptions. 

I am going to have M’s mom come back out after the baby is born to help with Jeff and I know he will love that! I am so tired lately.. I know it is part of the whole pregnant thing, but also dealing with Jeff exhausts me! LOL. He is so crazy active and curious.. I love it. He is walking so much more now and using a sippy cup with regularity, which I am so proud of, but I wish he would slow down! LOL. Well, I have to run… 



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