You know that lately I have been not able to eat much, well, it has caught up with me. There have been times, few and far between where I could eat an entire meal over the last month or so. This morning I woke up with no voice and feeling like garbage.. Actually, I am pretty sure garbage felt better than I did. Originally I had a dentist appointment today but I had to have M call and cancel it because of the no voice thing.

Fast forward to about 1 pm today, got my voice back, but still feeling and looking really bad. M had to go to the VA to pick up medical records for his pay when he is out for surgery. He has to be at the armory tomorrow so it was just easy for him to get them today to turn in tomorrow while he is there. We had told the place we live about a leak in the closet where the hot water heater is about a couple of weeks ago and no one showed up to look at it. We think it is coming from upstairs, but is dripping into our apartment.

Well, M took some pictures with his phone today and took them to the office. In about 5 minutes, (before he could even text me that they were actually coming) 2 maintenance guys showed up at the door. I am pretty sure that I scared them! I am pretty sure I even saw one visibly flinch! LOL. I wish I felt bad about that, but honestly I do not I am not feeling well and pregnant and not to mention I have an almost two year old to deal with while feeling this way! Sorry, but this is what REAL parenting and pregnancy looks like!

On another note, I finally have a firm date on when M’s parents will be here and we are all excited! We will be getting married on either October 15th or 16th depending.. I can not wait! M’s surgery is on September 14th so prayers and good thoughts are appreciated, he is having his ACL repaired finally!!

Lots going on in the next few months!! Oh man, I am tired… Wishing Jeff would go lay down for a nap, but it is almost 5pm, so probably not. Sad smile 

Gonna run…



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