Busy Bees!

So, lately I have been so busy with M and his recovery from knee surgery and taking care of Jeff that I have not had time to update you all.. M is doing really well and is waiting on physical therapy. I on the other hand, apparently have to see a hematology doctor on Oct. 14th and then the ortho doc on the 15th. I will be getting married on the 16th and then have a regular doctor appointment on the 19th and my birthday is on the 20th. So a very busy time coming up and not to mention that M’s parents and brother will be here in that time frame as well!! So much happening at once!!! 

Last week we were caught between three different storms and the weather was horrible! Rainy and chilly.. So Jeff could not go outside and he was in a snit for days over that, so that made it harder on me and M because we have so much happening right now and Jeff being fussy all day long was really wearing! Sunday however, it cleared up like it was supposed to and today we have sunshine! Yay! 

The remainder of this week will be spent cleaning and getting ready for the soon to be in laws.. I hate to clean so of course I left it till the last moment and have no choice now! LOL. By the time the in laws have left we should have a car of our very own and I am so looking forward to that to be sure!! I am also including the wedding registry link as well because there are family that is not on Face book and if you want have a gander at it. 



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