I am Tired

I am so tired of not being able to sleep well lately. I just can not get comfortable and the heart burn is horrible every single night. I wake up from a sound sleep some nights with horrible heart burn. Not to mention that I am constantly hot. I am always trying to leave the A/C on, but since tonight it is going to be down into the 30’s I have the heat on so the family does not freeze over night. I am sitting here typing this and I am HOT. I would love to open a window or something but do not dare. 

I am so tired of doctors. In the week of Thanksgiving, I have 2 appointments on Monday, M has 2 appointments on Tuesday, we have an appointment on Wednesday, and thank God that Thursday is Thanksgiving and all my doctor offices are closed on Friday. I am due 12/6 which is fastly approaching and honestly I can not wait to sleep. 

I am going to go and try to lay down.. I am so tired. 




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