Ahh Quiet

Finding a few quiet minutes to myself is really few and far between these days so when I do actually have a few minutes with quiet, I tend to savor them. One of the things that M got me for our Christmas was a wireless mouse and keyboard and honestly I just totally love them! One of the reasons he got me these is that I have a bad habit of sitting with the lap top on my legs and as a result of that, I have a pretty bad scar on my leg from the hot fan.

He thought if I had a wireless keyboard, I could sit with the key board on my lap like I am doing now and  type without the nasty burns. I have to admit that I like this much better! When I get a few minutes when I can actually hear myself think (pretty hard lately with all the migraines I have been dealing with. I have a neurologist appointment in May). So while I am savoring the quiet, writing this entry, and eating an orange Hostess cupcake ( I do not like the chocolate ones, I know I should be shot! I can only eat them rarely because I do not like the cream inside) I do like the orange ones, they are not too bad with the cream inside. Although I do eat around it and then try to give it to M. LOL.

M went to physical therapy and took Jeff with him. Charlie is napping because she had a rough night and by proxy so did we. I had a rough night because I had an episode with not being able to regulate my body temperature. I was freezing last night, the heat was on and set at 75, I had on clothes, and was under a blanket, but I was shaking uncontrollably and my teeth were chattering. This has happened before and I am not sure why it keeps happening. I was hoping it was just because I was pregnant but I think it is more than that. So, now I have to make a doctor appointment for me soon and get this looked at. Sigh. I spend more time with doctors than with anyone else.

This month on the 25th there are actually 3 doctor appointments in one day. Two are for Charlie and one is for Jeff. So that day is about to be so very busy and then in Feb. is the heart doctor appointment. And on and on. Since it is still quiet, I think I am going to go lay down until it is not quiet anymore.


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