Surgery and the Aftermath

Wednesday was Charlotte’s surgery and she did fantastic! She went under well and came out of it well. Sadly the tube in the left ear did not clear up the issue she was having so we are going on June 7th to have her fitted for a hearing aid. Now, having it done this early is a good thing because she can get used to it, so when she starts to learn language it will be second nature to her and she will be used to it.

We had her blood tested while we where there because it has been a while since the last test. Her red blood cell count was 7.7, so we were admitted to the hospital and transfused. We now have to go back to the hematologist on the 6th to be tested again and see where we are. They are sending us to the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center for the hearing aid and I have read nothing but good things about them.

I am disappointed that the tubes did not work totally and that we have to add another place to our list. She is too precious to not follow up and do all this for, so June is shaping up to be very busy all ready!  She seems to still be kind of tired from all the hubbub on Wednesday but for the most part she is doing well and is back to normal. Mom, not so much.

She has a doctor appointment on June 2nd and she has lost 7 ounces since the last one. Not sure why. I am hoping that once we start giving solids she will take off weight wise. She is six months old right now and so adorable. All the nurses in the OR loved her. When I came back to her after surgery she was being held by one nurse and 6 were standing around her.

All is good here. M is doing well back at work and is back at Drill as well. I have to run and figure what is for dinner.



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