Update on Doctor Appointments

So Charlotte went to the hematology doctor on June 6th and we were at Lexington Hearing and Speech on the 7th. Her red blood cell count was 9.1 so we are holding off on the transfusion for now. She has to go back in 3 weeks for a blood check and a possible transfusion. We also have to go back to Lexington Hearing and Speech the week after to get Charlotte’s hearing aid and I have a neurology appointment on the same day at 2pm. I tried rescheduling and could not until August 30th and that is just way too long for me to wait.

The hearing aid we are getting for Charlotte is similar to the one in the picture, but not exact. That is the exact color I picked out and the plastic part that goes into her ear will be clear with hot pink and purple glitter. I picked the brightest colors that we do not have a lot of in the house. So if we drop it it will be easy to see.


July looks to be a horrendously busy month for us. I got Jeff into a program that will evaluate him for a speech issue at the end of June. I am so glad that the doctor at the hearing place gave me the number. I got a lot done today, I called insurance for some stuff, found the preferred drug list for my plan and downloaded it so I can print it out to look at it. I also am getting myself a case manager for my asthma and migraines.

Well, I need to run for a while, but I will add the latest photos of the kids. 




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