The Misfit Military Wife & Mother

Murphy’s Law says that what ever can go wrong WILL go wrong and let me tell you, this is the definition of my life the last week! M left for the summer Drill A.K.A as AT (Annual Training) and all hell broke loose, literally! Let me see, the A/C quit working, the water pressure died, the people who came to “fix” my bathroom floor did not show up until 5pm and then ripped out said bathroom flooring and put new, different flooring down. The notice I got pretty much said they are coming to fix the floor, make sure to crate your animals, yadda, yadda, yadda… Oh yeah and then in the middle of the night one of the closet doors where the washer and dryer are fell! Let me tell you that scared the bejezus right out of me!

Not to mention that , my oldest Jeff woke up sick today. He has thrown up twice and for a kid who never has been sick in his whole history he freaked out! So, dealing with normal things, Charlotte, a sick kid, trying to get the laundry started at least, trying to get the trash out (which in our dumpster should be an Olympic Sport for me!) I am also trying to keep my sanity because it is just me dealing with all this until a week from today!

Not only that, I am trying to figure out how I am going to have an amazing dinner for M when he gets home after having to eat Army food for two weeks! I have my plate so full it runith over!! I have not been sleeping well because Charlotte wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes, so I do not let myself hit deep restful sleep right now.

Oh the toast just popped I have to run!



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