Crazy can’t even describe it

Lately it has felt like my life had descended into the depths of hell. In May our car was totaled by a drunk driver. Luckily no one was in it when it happened. We have dealing with this since then. Can’t really say much more about this right now.

The kids have been doing well. Jeff has been in summer school and of course loving it! He is learning so much. I am waiting on a call for his behavior therapy to start. Got through all the Alta stuff and they sent a referral to the insurance company, so they told me to get his primary care physician to send a referral to a place that takes the insurance. So many referrals!!! Got that done last Friday and now waiting to hear from them. I sometimes feel like all this back and forth stuff is the nineth circle of hell.

My mom and I have been talking about her coming out here for a visit maybe in October. Looking on Airbnb at places for her to stay. Hopefully will have the above incident taken care of or at least some of it anyway.

Charlotte is doing great with her therapy. She is getting her evaluation with the school district at the end of August. I can hardly believe that she will be three in November.

I started counselling again and it’s helped me so far. I like my therapist, so that helps. I am gonna run.


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