Some Happenings Happening

I know, witty title, right? Gotta give a girl a break, okay? I recently found out that I have sleep apnea. I will have to use a CPAP machine. For those who have no idea what this is, it is a machine that blows air into my lungs so that I do not stop breathing at night. I will pick my machine up on May 1st. At first, I was really reluctant about this. I never thought that I could or would have sleep apnea, but I did a sleep study at the beginning of March and let me tell you, the video that they show you with supposedly real people saying it was easy, they are lying. Lies all lies. One guy even said he slept better during his study than he does at home. LIES I say! The longer I have had to wait for the results, which happened in the beginning of April and now waiting to get approved for the machine, I have thought about this. Right now, my sleep is horrible. I mean I wake up so tired that I need a nap after I have been up for like two hours. Apparently, I stop breathing 30 times per hour and my oxygen saturation drops to 56%. Ya’all that is seriously and dangerously low. Your oxygen saturation should always be in the 90s. So, thinking about all of this, I decided that I am going to just suck it up and deal with it. I will use the machine. It will help me in the long run. 

I was on a good run of not being sick, but I got sick this past Sunday. I had a doctor appointment that had been scheduled for Thursday, so I guess it was good timing? I am back on the steroid taper again, I feel that should be a song sung to the tune of ‘On the Road Again’. Someone make that happen. I am also hooked up with an app on my phone and sensors on my inhalers that show when I use them. Right now, it is only on my rescue inhaler because they changed the size of my Qvar inhaler and the sensor does not fit on it. I have been hitting that rescue inhaler like it is an oxygen mask this last week. My asthma doc will not be pleased. The app is through Propeller Health. If you have an asthma doc, ask about it. The sensors were free, you just have to sign up and download the app, sign in to the app and they send you your sensors. You can also track other meds you are taking for your asthma too. It is pretty cool because I was looking for something like this to help keep me on track.

I have a massive amount to do with Social Security. I have to call them Monday and see if I can make an appointment for it all. I feel like it might be a day trip or something. Ugh. I do not like spending time in places like that because if someone is sick there I will wind up with it. I can not wait any longer, so I just have to deal and get it all done. The beginning of May is looking like I am not gonna have much free time at all, which sucks. The first three days of the month are totally booked. I was able to move one May appointment to June, so there is that. I am really tired, so I am gonna run. 



We are all sick (except M, he has an amazing immune system). He took Charlotte to the ER last night about 11:30 pm and they admitted her to the Children’s Hospital after doing 2 breathing treatments and she was not better. She had 2 before that at home, so the total was up to 4. They put her on oxygen. I stayed home with our son because well, we are sick too and honestly I did not want to spread this any more than we had to. This morning I made calls to our appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday to cancel. M just called a bit ago and once the attending doctor comes in and looks at Charlotte they will possibly take her off the oxygen and then the timer is on, with watching her be sure her oxygen levels are stable. They want to watch her for 12-24 hours then they will release her. Hopefully, by tomorrow or Wednesday, she will be home. This has been super hard on us of course. Jeff is not taking this lightly. He was recently diagnosed as mild/moderate autistic. So, I am working on some things for him. Not a great time to be sick! Gotta run! 


Hospital Story

So, I guess it is time to explain what exactly happened to me and why I ended up being admitted to the hospital this past Monday. My inlaws were here for about 2 weeks and when they left, my father in law was starting to catch something. I knew it was just a matter of time before I got what ever that was. And it was exactly a week. So, last Friday I had a sore throat and sneezing, it got progressively worst through the weekend, but I had a doctor appointment on Monday so I was holding out until then. By then I was having some trouble with my asthma. I went to the doctor appointment and was sent to the pregnancy triage area of the hospital. By then, I was having issues breathing and you could hear me wheezing badly. 

They admitted me Monday. Gave me a high dose of steroids in my IV and I was getting breathing treatments every 4 hours. One of the issues I encountered was that the steroids jacked up my slightly high blood sugars into the 200 point range, so they had to give me some insulin to bring it back down. The baby was being monitored the whole time and my oxygen levels were also being monitored very closely. I am happy to say we are home and I got new inhalers, but the issue is that they are the lowest dose and will take 1-2 weeks to work as needed. Ugh. I have 2 versions of the common cold and thankfully not the flu. Yeah, apparently there is a nasal swab test for the flu and if you can avoid it I really recommend it. It is painful. 

I have a doctor appointment for follow up on Tuesday. I am trying to take everyday as it comes. I was released late Tuesday night after the results of some tests came back. I am really hoping that I am healthy by the time I have the baby because labor is hard enough when you can breathe normally let alone when you feel like you have an elephant sitting on your chest all the time. I am trying to give the new inhaler time to actually start working but if I have trouble I will be going back to the hospital for more breathing treatments. I am also going to speak with the doctor about getting a nebulizer for the house just in case.

I also canceled my hematology appointment for Monday, mainly because it is at the cancer center and even with a mask, I would still have germs on my clothes and such and I am not comfortable going into the place where people are fighting for their lives this ill. I will reschedule when I am healthy again. Hopefully, I can stay out of the hospital for now, but we will see.